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 Sensory Evaluation of food, beverage, and cosmetics 

We help you identify the properties of your products & define the overall quality of your items and how to keep the quality or improve it

  Sensory & Consumer Content Creation 

Based on the properties we analyze for you, we help you select the right description to communicate with your consumers. We review your menus, the product pictures and we engage with your consumers to make sure you are attracting them to your place and items

 Secret Site Evaluation & Monitoring   

Our team of trained evaluators monitor and evaluate your sites secretly ensuring that all your branches are offering the same top quality you want. This help you identify opportunities for improvements and monitor your services and service providers

 Sensory & Consumer Training 

We provide tailored trainings based on your business needs to improve the knowledge of your teams in sensory & consumer sciences

 Monitor Consumer Satisfaction  

We measure your consumer needs and opinions about your products and provide you with guidance how to meet their satisfaction

Sensory Branding & Marketing 

This will help you using up to date marketing and branding strategies involving your consumer senses

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