A little about me!

I started my career in the sensory evaluation field back in 2012.

The journey was vague at the beginning, because i have a bachelor degree in Nursing Sciences which is too different from what i decided to move to.

I Can’t deny how difficult it is to start a career in your region as the first and only one in this profession. Because not having resources around you like professional colleagues or training institutions will make your progress a little bit slower. Am lucky that traveling was not an issue for me to reach proper top class organizations to learn more.

What made me learn quicker was the amount of different products i was involved in evaluating and also the great product and process developers i worked with.

One day, i came across a wonderful program given by University of Nottingham that was very suitable for my needs and working hours.

So the education journey began. Pssion and eager to learn really helped me enjoying this journey.

In December 2018, i completed my studies in Post Graduate certificate in Sensory science, qualifying me as the first Saudi in my field leading it in my country.

I decided that this is a big responsibility for me to to raise the awareness about the importance of this scientific discipline.

So, i started writing articles about different ptoducts that i would love to share with you hoping that you find them interesting.

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